the Homecoming dance? What started the war in Iraq? (explain for a 14 year old -.-;)? i need help writing a resume for a receptionist job? Any statistics on Aspergers? Best Associate Degree, To Get A Chance As A Rail Conductor? Can anyone edit/proofread one paragraph? I want to read aristotle and Plato but i don't know what to begin with? how to write an essay on making oil conservation a better way of life? what does these symptoms mean.............? F in one semester of AP WH, transfer out in the next semester? I'm stressed out to the maximum...........? Are you a fan of Ronda Rousey? what exactly are the taliban? How do earthquakes occur according to the hydroplate theory? Assuming the membrane is permeable ONLY to WATER and GLUCOSE, explain what will happen. Which side will be higher? Why? Are Americans In Denial About White Privilege? I think I might have bed bugs? Was Bush smart not to go to war? Kennedy did and it almost killed him. Reagan didn't. John Wayne didn't. Do Satanists believe in the Supernatural at all or not?

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can you help me where i did errors in this paragraph and explain it to me?... ... still havnt got pregnant?...